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Fit&Happier Workout of the Month: Strength & Balance Training

Fit&Happier Workout of the Month defined:  These are 30 minute general fitness workouts designed to offer a complete and balanced approach to strength and cardiovascular training in the most efficient way possible.  Strength training workouts will each feature a different form of resistance, or load, so that you can choose the type of resistance based on equipment availability […]

When (Not) to Exercise on the Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

  Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer.  The long, hot, humid dog days are fast approaching, if they haven’t already arrived where you live.  The perfect time to review the dos and don’ts of hot weather exercise. The Human HVAC System 101: The human body is often compared to an efficient machine. When talking […]

Gift Ideas for the Fit-Minded

Tis the season for gift giving!  If you have a loved one who is a fitness enthusiast – whether she’s a full-fledged athlete or a workout newbie trudging her way to a weight-loss goal – don’t discount the idea of a fitness related gift.  Think about it, she has proven her commitment to health and […]

October’s Small Step: Be Flexible

My Small Step Philosophy: A fit life is attained by making small, realistic and sustainable changes in food consumption and exercise over time.  This allows a person time to create and hone new, fit habits that then become adopted and integrated into her everyday life.  The result is a person who is living a fit lifestyle […]

It’s All About You

I read a short, entertaining e-column, Why Yoga Stresses Me Out, today and found a nugget of wisdom. It’s an apt reminder for all of us – but particularly for those who are new to fitness or who have begun and quit exercise routines repeatedly – there is no formula for becoming fit.  People often ask me things […]

Want a Memorable Vacation? Bring Fitness with You

Originally posted on Fit & Happier:
Often times we make the mistake of leaving healthy eating and exercise at home when we go on vacation.  True, vacation is all about breaking out of the usual and mundane and, well, work.  Not just the work of your profession or household responsibilities but also the work it…

Workout of the Month: Balance Training for Water Sports

We are heading into the heart of summer and, particularly in places where the water sport season is short, people are itching to turn each sunny day into waterskiing and surfing nirvana. While the first instinct when thinking about strength training for these activities may be lower body, these recreational sports rely specifically upon excellent balance for optimal performance and […]