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June’s Small Step: +1

This month’s Small Step is as simple, in theory, as it sounds: add just one thing to your weekly routine.  You need only 30 minutes a week to do it and you don’t need any special equipment.  And, it can be done while other things are happening around you: while baking something in the oven, listening […]

Go Big or Go Home? What You Need to Know

Nothing exemplifies the innately American slogan “go big or go home” quite like our society’s relationship with exercise.  We, apparently, either binge-watch “The Walking Dead” while slumped on the couch gorging on bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed-crusted pizza or we are fanatically addicted to CrossFit and Ironman training. Yes, somewhere in the neighborhood of two-thirds of us are […]

What If We Can Overcome Our Genetic Weaknesses?

If it could be scientifically proven that regular exercise staves off common, life-shortening diseases despite your genetic make-up, would you feel differently about exercise?  We’re not quite there yet, but we are getting closer. The difficulty in trying to determine how exercise affects our risks of developing common diseases like heart disease and diabetes is […]

Undoing a Lifetime of Sitting

Trending right now in health and fitness studies is the apparent link between hours of sitting and bad health.  The first couple of studies done a few years ago produced such shockingly depressing results that there is a natural desire to continue to test the hypothesis through more and more studies on the subject.  This […]

Part 2: Is Everything We Think We Know About Eating Healthy Upside Down?

Yesterday, I highlighted the main points of “The Big Fat Surprise” by Nina Teicholz.  In this second installment, I’ll extrapolate what this new information means for a few of the most popular food diets and trends, give you a peek into what nutritional scientists are studying right now, and share with you how I’m personally […]

Is Everything We Think We Know about Eating Healthy Upside Down?

This topic is huge.  Far too large to cover thoroughly in one blog post.  So, this is Part 1.  Here I summarize the latest, comprehensive argument against the current Western diet status quo. I recently completed reading the best-selling book “The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet” by Nina Teicholz […]

Can We Trust Science Anymore?

I’ll begin with two caveats.  This post isn’t specifically about my area of expertise and I have an axe to grind.  Still, my area of expertise – fitness from the perspective of exercise – is most definitely a field of the sciences.  Those of us who train the public to exercise rely on exercise studies to give […]