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Fit&Happier Workout of the Month: Functional Training

Fit&Happier Workout of the Month defined:  These are 30 minute general fitness workouts designed to offer a complete and balanced approach to strength and cardiovascular training in the most efficient way possible.  Strength training workouts will each feature a different form of resistance, or load, so that you can choose the type of resistance based on equipment availability […]

May’s Small Step: Go Old School

This month is a travel back in time.  The time before a majority of Americans were struggling with weight gain from growing food portions and decreasing daily physical activity.  It’s is all about eating and exercising old-school style. Old School Exercise There are 3 factors that exercise studies have repeatedly proven will make workouts more enjoyable […]

March’s Small Step: Accentuate the Positives, Eliminate the Negatives

This month’s Small Step is all about setting yourself up for success.  Remember, fitness is a lifestyle not a diet or exercise program with an end date.  Even making changes in small, manageable increments, as my program advocates, doesn’t guarantee one won’t get derailed especially if she is relying only on willpower and well-intended plans.  What’s needed […]

February’s Small Step: Plan Ahead

Just as we can’t “wing it” when it comes to work, parental obligations and important appointments on our calendars, so it is true with fitness.  To say, “I will go to the gym 3 times a week and eat 3 healthy meals a day,” without a concrete plan for how you will accomplish that is […]

January’s Small Step: Portion Control

It’s time to start a new year of my Small Steps series.  You can read about the philosophy and strategies of the series here. If you started the series mid-way through the year last year, continue to build upon your fitness journey throughout the early months of this year. If you completed the entire series […]

Undoing a Lifetime of Sitting

Trending right now in health and fitness studies is the apparent link between hours of sitting and bad health.  The first couple of studies done a few years ago produced such shockingly depressing results that there is a natural desire to continue to test the hypothesis through more and more studies on the subject.  This […]

May’s Small Step: Go Old School

My Small Step Philosophy: A fit life is attained by making small, realistic and sustainable changes in food consumption and exercise over time.  This allows a person time to create and hone new, fit habits that then become adopted and integrated into her everyday life.  The result is a person who is living a fit lifestyle […]