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April’s Small Step: Substitutions

This month’s step is more of a tweak than an all-out change.  These substitution suggestions will work in tandem with the new habits you’ve adopted over the last few months. Food Substitutions While January’s Portion Control helps to train us to eat the correct amount of foods in order to avoid over-consumption of calories, this Small Step helps to train […]

March’s Small Step: Accentuate the Positives, Eliminate the Negatives

This month’s Small Step is all about setting yourself up for success.  Remember, fitness is a lifestyle not a diet or exercise program with an end date.  Even making changes in small, manageable increments, as my program advocates, doesn’t guarantee one won’t get derailed especially if she is relying only on willpower and well-intended plans.  What’s needed […]

December’s Small Step: Get Back on the Horse

Hard to believe it was just a month ago that I was supplying November’s Small Step: Be Ready for the Onslaught offering tips on how to get through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years without completely abandoning fitness goals.  Now that we’re at the first week of December and only half-way through the onslaught, […]

You Reached Your Goal! Now What?

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I recently completed a weight-loss plan and reached my goal.  While the process of losing weight is difficult, it is a short-term goal with an end point.  I knew I wouldn’t feel as hungry or deprived once the calorie restriction ceased.  Psychologically speaking, it was a powerful motivational tool I had […]

May’s Small Step: Go Old School

My Small Step Philosophy: A fit life is attained by making small, realistic and sustainable changes in food consumption and exercise over time.  This allows a person time to create and hone new, fit habits that then become adopted and integrated into her everyday life.  The result is a person who is living a fit lifestyle […]

April Small Step: Substitutions

If you’ve been following my Small Steps toward a fit life program in 2014, you’ve taken control of your daily calorie intake (January’s portion control), practiced planning ahead to minimize high calorie meals and maximize opportunities for exercise (February’s plan ahead) and used strategies to manipulate your environment to decrease the odds that you’ll fall […]

Fit and Happier Recipes: Entrees Under 400 Calories

Last week, I announced my decision to download the MyFitnessPal app to help me better track my daily calorie consumption.  Because I cook from scratch for most of our family meals, I especially appreciate the recipe feature available on MyFitnessPal’s website.  The feature allows me to enter the amount of each ingredient in my recipes and […]