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Fit and Happier Recipes: Entrees Under 400 Calories

Last week, I announced my decision to download the MyFitnessPal app to help me better track my daily calorie consumption.  Because I cook from scratch for most of our family meals, I especially appreciate the recipe feature available on MyFitnessPal’s website.  The feature allows me to enter the amount of each ingredient in my recipes and […]

Fit & Happier Mac and Cheese

It’s still January, winter has a long way to go and we in the Northeast are gearing up for more snow and frigid temperatures this week.  This has me thinking comfort food.  Something rich and creamy, stick-to-your-ribs, makes the entire house smell divine, kid-friendly and leaves enough left over for the next night.  Homemade Mac and […]

Fit&Happier Pantry Recipes

Last week, I gave you a peek into the Fit&Happier Pantry.  The following are a few original recipes my husband and I have developed over the years using some of our pantry staples.  Where appropriate, I’ve offered ingredient substitution suggestions so you can tailor recipes to your family’s tastes. Base Recipes Roasted Vegetables: I love […]