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Emphasis on Body Image Has No Place in Fitness

Here we go again! The fiction of the “perfect” body, the eating disorders, the exercising disorders (yes, there is such a thing), and the body shaming that accompanies these things used to be relegated to the fashion and entertainment industries.  But now with celebrity trainers, weight-loss reality shows and toned muscles being photoshopped onto fashion models’ bodies in […]

Whose Body is in These Photos?

My post yesterday about the way women are used in advertising is getting a lot of buzz.  It occurred to me that I could make my point even better if I shared with you what I discovered when I was searching for the Stuart Weitzman ad that prompted my post.  Whose body is this? And […]

Does the Way Women Are Depicted in Ads Bother You?

My husband showed me an ad similar to this one in the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal and asked me if, as a woman viewing it, it bothered me to see a scantily clad woman in a sexually provocative pose in an advertisement that doesn’t do a good job communicating what they are […]

Defining the Fit, Beautiful Woman

There has been a lot of buzz about an untouched photo of 48 year old supermodel Cindy Crawford donning lingerie which popped up on Twitter a few weeks ago.  The original tweet by Charlene White, a British journalist, attributed the photo to Marie Claire magazine.  However, it appears the photo was taken as part of a […]