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Been On an Exercise Hiatus? Here’s the Skinny On What It Means

We’ve all been there.  Victimized by illness, surgery, injury, work, travel or personal crisis or sidelined by our own demons known as inertia and lack of motivation – no matter the reason, it’s depressing to face the loss of hard-earned fitness gains and intimidating to get back on that horse. It’s important to understand that we […]

When More Is Less

Fitness has become trendy.  It stems from celebrities and their trainers touting workouts on social media which leads to a certain segment of the population doing the same.  For better or for worse, workout and post-workout selfies are everywhere. This phenomenon has spurred an increase in participation in endurance races and people fighting over space in group exercise classes.  […]

It’s All About You

I read a short, entertaining e-column, Why Yoga Stresses Me Out, today and found a nugget of wisdom. It’s an apt reminder for all of us – but particularly for those who are new to fitness or who have begun and quit exercise routines repeatedly – there is no formula for becoming fit.  People often ask me things […]

The Heat Is On: To Exercise or Not To Exercise

Summer has arrived!  It’s time to separate hot weather exercise fact from fiction so you can be safe and sound throughout the dog days. I’m a mother of two school-aged children and a fitness trainer.  These two truths intersect in this way: I am about town on the same days at the same times and along […]

The Three Biggest Mistakes Novice Exercisers Make

My clients have something in common.  Every one of them came to me for personal training because they had tried many times to establish a fitness routine but were unable to sustain it.  They all are moms but each has very different schedules.  Some have very young children, others have their children in school full-time.  […]