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What If We Can Overcome Our Genetic Weaknesses?

If it could be scientifically proven that regular exercise staves off common, life-shortening diseases despite your genetic make-up, would you feel differently about exercise?  We’re not quite there yet, but we are getting closer. The difficulty in trying to determine how exercise affects our risks of developing common diseases like heart disease and diabetes is […]

Undoing a Lifetime of Sitting

Trending right now in health and fitness studies is the apparent link between hours of sitting and bad health.  The first couple of studies done a few years ago produced such shockingly depressing results that there is a natural desire to continue to test the hypothesis through more and more studies on the subject.  This […]

Why Size May Not Matter

We have a huge problem in this country.  And I’ll bet you’ll be surprised when I say it’s not a weight problem.  Growing waistlines have been the reality for over 30 years.  There has been no shortage of diets, drugs, surgeries and supplements in response.  Let me state the obvious – they haven’t worked, aren’t working […]

Don’t Give In To Chicken Little

With the emergence of 24 hour news channels and the internet, print news media has long since given up on the breaking news story.  Print newspapers and magazines can give you more details on the current biggest news stories but, after that, there isn’t much to report that people don’t already know or can’t find […]