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Balance Series/Part 8: Putting It All Together

This week’s post is a recap – putting it all together – of my Balance Series.  The point of the series is to present a guideline for anyone wishing to attain a fit lifestyle using balance and moderation rather than instituting drastic and extreme measures.  There is a literal and visual theme that runs throughout the series.  The series takes the […]

Balance Series/Part 7: Sit Back & Relax

Are you getting enough downtime?  Are you wondering why this question is on a fitness blog?  Would it surprise you to learn that you can’t have a balanced fitness program without downtime?  The third “leg” in the three-legged stool of fitness, along with diet and exercise, is downtime.  Specifically rest, recovery and sleep.  In other words, rest, recovery […]

Balance Series/Part 6: Rubber Bands and Bungee Cords

What did we do before rubber bands were invented?  Rubber bands are one of those simple items that we take for granted but would be lost without.  They are the perfect fusion of elasticity and strength to be able to stretch around a grouping of any item and retract to hold the grouping tightly.  And then, its […]

Balance Series Part 5/Making Your Muscles Work For You

Some of you are not going to like this.  I’m back again on my strength training soap box.  But, the truth is, one cannot achieve a balanced exercise program without it.  I’ve written about this topic in several previous posts so this is a sort of “Best of Strength Training” edition.  I’ve consolidated and re-organized […]

Balance Series/Part 4: What Does a Balanced Diet Really Look Like?

I planned to make this month’s Balance Series topic about strength training but I was moved to veer off my plan because yesterday I read the following… “This month I make a confession: The editor of the world’s biggest healthy-cooking magazine needs to lose 20 pounds,” Scott Mowbray, Editor-in-Chief of Cooking Light Magazine, August 2013.  As a result, Mowbray […]

Balance Series/Part 3: Are You a Master of None or a One Trick Pony?

The state of fitness in America has an interesting dynamic.  On the one hand, a vast majority of people fall short of the minimum recommendations for cardiovascular exercise as set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week).  These are the masters of none.  On the […]

Balance Series/Part 2: The Ideal Workout Formula

My Balance Series explores the different aspects of a fit life in terms of creating the right balance of variables. Each aspect has three main variables and each variable must have equal attention – like a three-legged stool – in order to be effective. Part 1 of the series established that a balanced life is […]