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Announcing New Home for Fit & Happier

I’m thrilled to announce some big changes at Fit & Happier! New Look and New Home for Fit & Happier Blog: Rest assured, my blogs will continue to post every Monday as they have since April 2013.  But now my blog will reside on my website.  I don’t want to lose any of you, my faithful […]

September’s Small Step: Embrace Technology

It’s September and, with kids returning to school, it seems timely to infuse our fitness routines with fresh, cutting-edge exercise and nutrition aids.  Let’s embrace technology!  Yes, technology can sometimes act as an obstacle to fitness – particularly when we consider how much time we spend sitting on our duffs as we consume it.  But […]

My Pilates Reformer Encounter

Thanks to a gift from a relative, I just completed the final session of a set of three private Pilates reformer lessons.  If you’ve ever thought about taking a class or wondered what it’s like, here’s my take. What is Pilates? Perhaps the better question is “who” is Pilates?  In fact, the reason the word […]

Been On an Exercise Hiatus? Here’s the Skinny On What It Means

We’ve all been there.  Victimized by illness, surgery, injury, work, travel or personal crisis or sidelined by our own demons known as inertia and lack of motivation – no matter the reason, it’s depressing to face the loss of hard-earned fitness gains and intimidating to get back on that horse. It’s important to understand that we […]

Fit&Happier Workout of the Month: Interval Training

Fit&Happier Workout of the Month defined:  These are 30 minute general fitness workouts designed to offer a complete and balanced approach to strength and cardiovascular training in the most efficient way possible.  Strength training workouts will each feature a different form of resistance, or load, so that you can choose the type of resistance based on equipment availability […]

August’s Small Step: Reflect, Revamp & Renew, Revisited

Last month, I gave you a summer-long assignment for your Small Step.  If you missed it, you can click here to read it.  That means that this month is simply a reminder to keep plugging on: reflect upon what’s working and what isn’t; revamp your goals and strategies and renew your commitment to fitness.  I’ve […]

The 7 Hottest Topics in Fitness

There are many topics I’ve written about, seven in particular, that are clearly here to stay in terms of debate and scientific study in the fitness community.  I know this because they keep turning up in health sections of major newspapers and in fitness magazines and blogs. I am but one tiny voice in the fitness […]