Hurray for #thisgirlcan – It’s About Time

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog you know that my mission is more than simply a personal trainer handing out exercise and healthy eating tips.  The mission most dear to my heart is to rail against the body image focus that dominates our society and replace it with a focus on health by way of nurturing ourselves mind, body and soul.

Many of the fittest women on the planet wouldn’t appear on the cover of Vogue nor would they be chosen as so-called models on Parisian runways or even in apparel sections of most department store magazines.  Ladies, we are not made from cookie cutters and our goal shouldn’t be trying to fit into one.

A fit woman doesn’t have a “look”, she has a way of life.

She doesn’t obsess over every morsel, she doesn’t put “good” and “bad” labels on food, she doesn’t binge and she doesn’t starve herself.  She does fuel herself with food she enjoys.

She doesn’t workout to fit into a particular size or to undo what she’s consumed.  She does move and sweat because it makes her feel good, it helps her sleep better, it makes her stronger, more confident and happier.  In short, eating well and exercising gives her a better quality of life.  Period.  Nothing more, nothing less.

So, bravo to the UK and their “This Girl Can” campaign.  One of the few entities getting the whole women-diet-exercise-fitness thing right.  Watch their You Tube video and, if you have daughters, make sure they see it too:


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