Food for Thought On Fitness Fads

This is the time of year to take a look back before looking forward.  What’s working, what’s not?  What one thing would I go back and change?  What one thing was such a surprising success that I want to continue to build upon it?  It’s a natural thing to do as one year closes and another begins.

To that end, I’m taking a moment out of this busy season to reflect upon 2014’s fitness trends.  Fads are so prevalent in fitness that it’s imperative upon us in the industry to inform the public of deceitful or unhealthy fads being passed off as paths to wellness.  Now is the time to purge yourself of ineffective, and potentially harmful, trendy fitness gimmicks and make room for tried and true, healthy exercise and diet practices.  Click here to see the fitness trends that top trainers are telling us to ditch before 2015.

Remember these truths when deciding whether a current fitness trend is a gimmicky fad or the real deal:

  • There are no shortcuts
  • Fitness is work
  • Weight loss means cutting back and sometimes feeling hungry
  • Variety is essential to a balanced exercise regimen
  • Portion controlled variety is essential to a balanced, healthy diet
  • One size never fits all
  • Skinny is not the same as fit
  • It is never possible to spot-tone muscles
  • Fitness is not something you do only until you reach a goal, it is a lifestyle

A little fitness wisdom from me to you as 2014 comes to a close.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

~ Michelle

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