Gift Ideas for the Fit-Minded

Tis the season for gift giving!  If you have a loved one who is a fitness enthusiast – whether she’s a full-fledged athlete or a workout newbie trudging her way to a weight-loss goal – don’t discount the idea of a fitness related gift.  Think about it, she has proven her commitment to health and well-being through exercise by her actions.  This means fitness is a priority in her life.  Giving her a fitness related gift shows not only that you were thoughtful in your selection but demonstrates your support of her commitment to a fit life.  What could be a more caring and loving gift than that?

Don’t assume she has everything she needs already.  Even avid exercisers spend their hard-earned dollars on basic household and personal necessities first.  After that, they acquire only the most important fitness basics – namely footwear and essential activity-specific gear.  For optional accessories, they tend to bargain shop, if they purchase at all.

I’ve brainstormed and come up with some ideas for those of every fitness level at various price points to fit every holiday gift budget.  Before choosing an item, consider what she does for workouts and what type of gear she is most likely to need and use.  Is it primarily indoor or outdoor exercise?  Does she have a favorite brand of exercise apparel or fitness gear?  To hit a homerun, do some stealthy reconnaissance work before making a decision.

  • Re-usable, Leak-proof Water Bottles: Camelback and Contigo offer one-handed hydration, sturdy construction and are dishwasher safe. (Amazon, $10-30) Universally handy for any fitness level in any environment.
  • Strobelight Beacons: These can be hooked onto gear or clothing to alert drivers & other pedestrians in poor lighting conditions.  Athleta sews built in loops onto the backs of their workout gear to allow for beacon attachments.  (Athleta, $10-15) Ideal for die-hard outdoor exercisers who refuse to be deterred by weather conditions or darkness.
  • Personal Headlamps: Another must-have to keep outdoor enthusiasts safe during winter mornings and evenings when sunlight is in short supply.  (REI, $15-30)
  • Performance Hats & Gloves: These are better than everyday winter accessories because they’re specially made to keep the head & hands warm while wicking away moisture. (Nike hats, $20+, Nike gloves $30+) Great for outdoor enthusiasts such as runners and cross-country skiers.
  • Sunglasses: Sport sunglasses are lighter weight and offer more coverage and stability than their fashionable counterparts. (Nike sunglasses, $100+)
  • Over-the-Ear Earbuds: These stay in place no matter how vigorous the workout. (Amazon, $10-20) These will be appreciated by anyone who listens to music while they workout.
  • Fitness Magazine Subscriptions: Most offer print or electronic subscriptions, prices vary. Best for those who are into a specialized activity.  Examples are Runner’s World, Cycling World and Cooking Light.
  • Personalized Yoga Mat: Make it an extra special gift by personalizing the mat to reflect the individual. (Yogamatic, $80+) Thoughtful gift for anyone who regularly uses an exercise mat such as those who take yoga or mat Pilates classes or who workout at home.
  • Yoga Sets: Choose a mat and coordinating props such as blocks, towels, no-slip socks, straps or bolsters.  (Gaiam, $50+) Fantastic for the yoga or mat Pilates enthusiast.
  • Personal Training Sessions: Anyone can benefit from a few sessions with a personal trainer.  Your loved one can request a session to cover whatever skill or regimen she would like to improve upon.  You can find a trainer who can do sessions in a gym, studio or home setting.  A typical one hour session with a personal trainer ranges from $50-$150 depending upon setting, location and session content.
  • Pampering Kits: No matter if one is an experienced or novice exerciser, aches & pains come with the territory.  Give her a soothing reward for all her hard work.  Examples: at-home mani/pedi kit; basket of bath salts, lotions & aromatherapy candles; or a gift card for massage, facial or mani/pedi. (Lululemon Mind & Body Kit, $58)

Want a more personal gift idea?  Make up a basket of goodies.  For the endurance trainer (those who spend several hours training most days a week) fill a basket with homemade granola, trail mixes and add in energy bars and drinks.  For those on a weight-loss journey, don’t sabotage their efforts with a basket full of calorie-filled sweets.  Think more of nurturing her body and soul.  Fill a basket with specialty coffees, a sturdy travel mug and slip in one small package of gourmet dark chocolate or homemade truffles.  Alternatively, a basket of herbal teas, an antique tea cup and saucer with a box of imported tea biscuits or homemade scones would be a lovely gift.

Still stumped?  Maybe you’re afraid of getting her something she already has or wouldn’t use.  Gift cards to some of the most popular fitness apparel and gear retailers (many of which I’ve referenced above) allows her to select the things she most wants and needs.

Have some ideas of your own?  Comment here and share them with us.

Tell someone that you support her efforts to be fit and healthy by giving her a gift that she can use in her quest.  Happy shopping!


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