Let the Polar Vortex Know Who’s Boss

We are fast approaching the Winter Solstice and some areas of the country are already experiencing winter weather even though it’s still, technically, fall. Now is a good time to revisit my previous post on the pros, cons and tips on exercising in winter weather.

Fit & Happier

Heat domes, polar vortexes, snow storms with names – three things I never heard of growing up in New England.  New Englanders pride themselves on adapting to ever-changing weather conditions and always being prepared for the extremes Mother Nature unleashes.  We’re all old codgers when it comes to the weather.  We have heat waves, cold snaps and the only storms allowed to have names are hurricanes.  We’re not into these new-fangled terms.  But, whatever you want to call it – cold snap, polar vortex, or just friggin’ freezing – let’s talk about working out safely in the great, frigid outdoors.

Unlike working out in extreme heat, working out in cold temperatures can be beneficial if your goal is maximum calorie burn.  The body needs to work extra hard to keep the core warm while also supplying the cardiovascular and muscular systems with oxygen and blood to get you through…

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