Want a Memorable Vacation? Bring Fitness with You

Today marks the first official day of my 2014 summer vacation. I’m looking forward to spending quality time with family, relaxing and indulging in outdoor activities I don’t have the opportunity to do at home. It reminds me of one of my more popular posts from last summer. You can bring a healthy lifestyle with you on vacation without feeling food deprived or over-taxed physically if you have the right attitude – see the opportunities rather than the limitations. Bon voyage!

Fit & Happier

Often times we make the mistake of leaving healthy eating and exercise at home when we go on vacation.  True, vacation is all about breaking out of the usual and mundane and, well, work.  Not just the work of your profession or household responsibilities but also the work it takes to plan, schedule and prepare (mentally and physically) a healthy diet and regular exercise program.  I absolutely believe we should leave behind the daily grind when we go on vacation – even our ordinary diets and workouts.  But we should not leave behind the philosophy of healthy eating and exercise.  That philosophy can enrich and recharge us mind, body and soul and add good old-fashioned fun to our vacations.

Eating on Vacation

Yes, it’s fun to indulge and try new things while we’re on vacation when we are unburdened of food shopping and meal prep.  But we shouldn’t make the mistake of believing…

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