Why Size May Not Matter

I consider this one of the most important posts I’ve written but I wrote it the week of Thanksgiving last year. Not many people read it. Note to self: Don’t publish your best post during the week of a national holiday. This post, and the study it sites, is a must read for all women and the message needs to be made loud and clear to our daughters. The quest should not be for thinness but, rather, fitness. The reality is not only that thin and fit are different from one another but they also don’t have much in common.

Fit & Happier

We have a huge problem in this country.  And I’ll bet you’ll be surprised when I say it’s not a weight problem.  Growing waistlines have been the reality for over 30 years.  There has been no shortage of diets, drugs, surgeries and supplements in response.  Let me state the obvious – they haven’t worked, aren’t working and probably won’t work.  Chasing that elusive number on the scale or garment tag is a false goal, but we chase anyway.  Some of us manage to starve our way to that magic number but, more often than not, it’s a fleeting victory.  No, we don’t have a weight problem, we have a body image problem.  We equate fatness with poor health and everything that is bad and thinness with good health and everything that is good.  Finally, scientific studies are turning these old assumptions on their heads.

I have been seeing this phenomenon play out…

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  1. I agree. I lost weight because I needed to because of diabetes 2. Still I feel fat.

    1. 😦 We are way too hard on ourselves. Kudos to you for taking control of your health. That will serve you well no matter the number listed on your garment tags.

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