My Take on Fitness Gear

After an exhausting day of clothes shopping with my near-teenaged daughter, I didn’t think I had enough functioning brain cells left to write my blog.  But, there is a topic I’ve been meaning to write about that coincides with the one activity that dominated my day – shopping.  Specifically, shopping for fitness clothing.

I often get questions – from clients, friends, family – regarding where I purchase my workout clothes.  I always enthusiastically tell them Athleta is hands-down my favorite place for exercise attire.  And it’s because they do nearly everything right.  Here are just 7 reasons why:

  1. Functionality: When one is serious about exercise, this is the most important feature in workout gear.  Athleta offers functional specific clothing for a variety of sports and exercise activities.  Always made with comfortable, soft, breathable fabrics and most with moisture-wicking capabilities.
  2. Quality: The clothing lasts workout after workout, wash after wash.  It doesn’t lose its shape or fade.
  3. Ease of Care: There is nothing that irks me more than workout clothes that can’t go in the dryer.  Seriously, I shouldn’t have to treat exercise gear like it’s a silk dress!  While some of their casual clothing (skirts, dresses and slacks, for example) suggests line-drying, I’ve yet to find a fitness-specific garment that can’t go in the dryer on a low-heat seating.
  4. Feminine: Their fabrics, cut and fit are all clearly meant to flatter the female body.  Not a Paris run-way stick figure, but a real woman’s body.  I feel pretty in Athleta gear, even if I’m sweating it out on the track.
  5. Their Models: Browse through an Athleta catalogue or their website and you will see women who are exceptionally fit and healthy, not exceptionally thin while being freakishly well-endowed in other areas.  They have well-defined muscles as opposed to well-defined breasts.  They are in poses of strength and flexibility as opposed to sexually suggestive poses.  It’s the kind of women’s clothing advertising I want my daughters to see.
  6. They Practice What They Preach: The Athleta stores in my area have a group exercise room where they will host a variety of classes.  They use community outreach to advertise and promote local fitness facilities and often will sponsor teams or individuals in local charity races.
  7. Affordability: It’s not the least expensive workout clothing you can get.  But, when you consider the 6 previous points, you’ll realize the prices are fair.  You really do get what you pay for and that makes it affordable.

They also offer lines of casual clothing made with the same perspective and comfort as the workout clothing.  So, my entire wardrobe is inhabited with Athleta clothing.

I work hard to be fit.  And I feel fit in their clothing.  You work hard to be fit too, you should feel the same way.  Give it a try.

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