Balance Series/Part 8: Putting It All Together

This week’s post is a recap – putting it all together – of my Balance Series.  The point of the series is to present a guideline for anyone wishing to attain a fit lifestyle using balance and moderation rather than instituting drastic and extreme measures.  There is a literal and visual theme that runs throughout the series.  The series takes the literal meaning of balance in that each aspect of a fit life is of equal importance.  The visual theme is that of a 3-legged stool – each aspect has three “legs” and it is in balancing the 3 legs that we achieve true fitness.

The Fit Life

A balanced life is one that equally nourishes the mind, body and soul.  Fitness – a balance of exercise, diet and rejuvenation – is how one achieves a balanced body. {Part 1: The Fit Life}

Exercise: A balanced exercise plan incorporates cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. {Part 2: The Ideal Workout Formula}

  • Cardiovascular Training: Regular cardiovascular exercise lowers risk for the most common lifestyle diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Vary the mode and manipulate duration, intensity & frequency to achieve a balanced cardio fitness program. {Part 3: Are You a Master of None or a One Trick Pony?}
  • Strength Training: The 3-legged stool of strength training is load, sets and repetitions.  But strength training is so much more than that.  Even a modest strength training routine keeps muscles from deteriorating as we age.  This, in turn, guards against injury and keeps our lean mass to fat mass ratio in check to avoid typical mid-life weight gain.  {Part 5: Making Your Muscles Work For You}
  • Flexibility Training: There are 3 types of flexibility training: static stretching, dynamic stretching and mind-body exercise.  Flexibility training helps to keep our ligaments and tendons limber and strong which guards against dysfunctional movement, joint problems and balance issues.  {Part 6: Rubber Bands & Bungee Cords}

Diet: A balanced diet means choosing a large variety of the healthiest carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the correct portions.  {Part 4: What Does a Balanced Diet Really Look Like?}

Rejuvenation/Downtime: One must get enough sleep and incorporate rest and recovery into her exercise regimen in order to achieve a balanced body.  {Part 7: Sit Back & Relax}

Whether you are wanting to lose weight or wanting to be healthier (or both), the best way to achieve your goals safely and maintain your achievements for a lifetime is to keep balance in the forefront of everything you do.  This post’s outline, along with the previous posts in the series, gives you a complete blueprint to achieve a balanced body.  And a balanced body is the key to a fit and happier life.

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